Strong links for a strong chain

Your production chain could be generating more— minimize your fixed costs with Loginam now.

We optimize your warehouse and production areas

Are you getting the most out of each square meter? Find out how you can increase your productivity through our logistics solutions.

Eliminate long-term commitments in equipment, space and personnel

Improve your inventory management through Kanban and pull systems.

Minimize your fixed costs

Turn your fixed costs into variable costs and transform each stage of your value chain.

Where complexity meets logic

Overcome every logistic challenge in your production chain by getting the most out of every resource.


Logistics solutions for your needs

Our services are 100% tailored to your needs to allow you to offer maximum flexibility to your clients, 24/7

Logistics and storage

Our warehouses, personnel and logistics solutions allow you better control of your inventory, and helps diversify costs, based on their requirements and without the need to establish long-term commitments.

Vendor-managed inventory

Suppliers can establish their distribution center in our warehouses, delivering directly to the customer. Thus, the client does not acquire ownership of the merchandise until it enters the production process.

Procedures, kit assembly

Our staff is highly trained in utilizing our space and equipment for pick and pack services, such as kit building.


We coordinate transportation services and distribution routes according to the needs of our customers.

Additional services

Supplement your value chain with any of our other services: labeling, merchandise flooring, sorting, light assembly and more.

Where you need us. When you need us.

We are a company focused on implementing customized logistics solutions for companies that are looking to increase their productivity— optimizing each step of their value chain.


Your value chain with Loginam

From order to delivery, we are with you at every step of your value chain— always ensuring the highest quality standards.
We adjust
to your storage needs
ISO 9001:2015 certification
which backs our policies, procedures and graphic instructions